PHP Data Grid Make Developing Websites Easy

If you are looking for an innovative and powerful, yet simple tool for creating your data-bound grid control, you should consider the php datagrid. This program was mainly developed for developers of websites and it works perfectly for data administration that is online based and websites that are php database driven. It is also great for host providers that deal with php and dynamic content management.

The PHP datagrid allows you to select data and represent it on a grid and then perform very routine functions on it. Using this program you can page through your results, insert, delete and edit new data. This program can even help to make working with complex data a lot easier. By simple manipulating the program and disabling and enabling certain features you can use the program to your advantage. In addition this new version is beneficial in that it no longer requires of you to write 5 sentences long codes, but reduces this significantly to just two sentences.

Here are a few features that this program has to offer:

It’s simple to use: This program is so easy and user friendly that even a novice to php programming can use the software to set up a data grid that looks professional. Due to the ease of use, this can be done in a short time by just using a few lines of coding.

It Supports Many Different Languages: With this program you have the option of displaying your data in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Nederland and Italian.

It has AJAX Enabled: With the later versions, AJAX is allowed on cross-browser, you will therefore be able to add, have inline edition, delete, include page numbers and more.

Inline Editing: It allows you to inline edit your fields, and use controls such as textarea, dropdown menus, checkboxes and text fields from HTML.

Image Display: You will have the option of displaying images that are connected with field data.

Icons and Links: You can establish your own images or links using specific links for each record.

Auto Pagination: PHP datagrid gives you 3 options for paginations, and you can also determine the amount of info that you would like to be shown on the different pages.

Table Ordering: The program allows you to determine the order of the columns in a table, whether you use a descending or ascending order.

Display Header and Footer: Headers and footers can be displayed on every page.

ADOdb Compatible: Using the script, you can utilize the ADOdb library to link with databases which are supported by the library; you also can link with databases of MySQL using your local php library.

Produce Stylish Columns: Using the external CSS file you can adjust the colours based on your web page.

Reader Friendly: You can vary the colours of the rows to make reading a lot easier and enable the function that allows the script to highlight when covered by the mouse.

It Fast: The external.css and.js allows for record time downloads of files.

Cross Browser: The script can be used with just about any browser, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape and more.